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RPA services offering and implementation

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a fantastic career choice since more and more firms are employing RPA to reap the cost benefits of automation and can’t find enough employees with appropriate RPA capabilities to fill their positions. As a result, RPA salaries have risen faster than those in other IT disciplines.

Software robots perform manual, tedious data entry and repetitive operations across several systems as part of Indium’s robotic process automation process. The end-to-end RPA services make use of intelligent automation to boost productivity. They help firms expand while reducing operating costs.

The software bots are designed to do rule-based activities that decrease or eliminate the boring chores that IT experts must perform, allowing them to offer exceptional results that are comparable to human capabilities.

HR functions like on-boarding and off-boarding, updating employee information, and timesheet submission may all be automated with RPA. Supply chain management is the management of a company’s supply chain. In supply chain management, RPA services may be used to automate order processing and payments, monitor inventory levels and track shipments.

Consulting on RPA Service Offerings

  • Analyze the processes as they are now
  • Identifying the Process
  • Defining the scope of the problem

Offerings in RPA Service

  • Make an all-encompassing strategy roadmap.
  • Proof of Concept for the Best Solution (POC)
  • RPA Solutions and Platforms Recommendations
  • Create a strategy for governance.

Enabling RPA

  • Define your key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics.
  • Governance and process improvisation
  • Best Practices in Regulatory Compliance

Implementation of RPA

  • Create workflows
  • QC on bots Exception processing procedure Training for business users


  • BOT Maintenance is supported.
  • Improvement is ongoing.
  • Support for products and licenses

RPA Aids Labor-Intensive / High-Number-of-FTEs Tasks

Processes involving a large number of people who are not involved in everyday decision-making with basic principles and logic, it’s quite mature. Processes based on rules with a standard operating procedure, low exception rates, well-defined exception pathways, and no cognitive decision making necessary.

Standardized / Structured data inflow and outflow processes dealing with a defined collection of structured business communication documents. Data input, monitoring, and mass mail creation, all of which involve large amounts of data, eat up the most productive hours. Seasonal labour demand Processes with variable demand need full-time employees.

RPA services in Numbers: Dull, repetitive computer processes account for around 10% to 20% of human labour hours. On average, businesses miss out on approximately half of all automation possibilities, while 13% of workers consider repetitive jobs to be a waste of time. 98 percent of IT executives believe that automating procedures is critical to achieving business goals.

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