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Optimal Insurance Coverage for Urban Motorcyclists

Urban environments call for vigilance with the regular onset of heavy traffic and the increased risks of road accidents. This further enunciates the importance of investing in bike insurance for urban motorcyclists. Getting insurance for a two-wheeler is paramount to mitigating any potential financial setbacks that may incur in an unexpected road incident.

Since deciding on two-wheeler insurance can get tedious with all the intricacies involved, one can compare two-wheeler insurance online and make the whole process easier. But to purchase bike insurance online one needs to understand details like the requirements and clauses that are involved.

A Guide to Deciding on Optimal Insurance Coverage

1. Understanding Coverage Needs

Having a clear understanding of your coverage needs is crucial before deciding on a two-wheeler insurance. There are three primary categories of insurance for two wheeler: Third-party Liability Plans, Stand-Alone and  Comprehensive Plans.

While Third-party plans, mandated under the Motor Vehicle Act, cover damages incurred to third-party vehicles, property or individuals, Stand-Alone insurance covers damages incurred to the policyholder’s vehicle. Meanwhile,  comprehensive insurance plans tend to provide more extensive coverage for both third-party liabilities and damages to the motorcycle alike.

Opting for a comprehensive bike insurance plan from a reputable insurer like Tata AIG is often a wise decision due to the extensive and reliable coverage it provides. Moreover, with the digitalisation of most services, one can easily buy bike policy online.

2. Understanding the Cubic Capacity of Your Vehicle

The Cubic Capacity of a motorcycle plays a vital role in influencing insurance costs. India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) establishes third-party insurance rates with a direct correlation to the vehicle’s engine cubic capacity. Here are details on the pricing based on the Cubic Capacity of a motorcycle.

Cubic Capacity In Bikes Premium Rates For Third-Party Bike Insurance (Single Year)* Premium Rates For Third-Party Bike Insurance (5-Year Premium)*
Till 75 cc ₹538 ₹2901
Between 75 cc and 150 cc ₹714 ₹3851
Between 150 cc and 350 cc ₹1366 ₹7365
More than 350 cc ₹2804 ₹15117

Note: Prices mentioned are subject to change on factors like city, year of purchase, bike model, insurance providers, etc.

3. Understanding Insured Declared Value

Insured Declared Value (IDV) represents the maximum sum assured offered by an insurer to a policyholder. It signifies the utmost compensation a policyholder can receive in the event of total damage or loss to the insured bike.

Understanding the significance of the Insured Declared Value is very important in assessing the insurance cost of a vehicle. This value directly reflects the maximum amount an insurer is liable to pay a policyholder. Hence, selecting the right IDV is a crucial aspect of securing an optimal bike insurance policy.

4. Understanding the Need for Add-Ons

Enhancing the base plan with add-ons that are relevant to one’s requirements is a great way to strengthen the safety net provided by an insurance policy. Most comprehensive plans have extensive coverage but may not include coverage for factors like roadside assistance or depreciation. Strategically selecting your add-ons to match your priorities helps reduce the financial burden of unexpected damage.

  1. Comparing Insurance Plans Online

Comparing bike insurance online gives one access to a wide range of policies, which in turn allows one to explore options that better fit one’s priorities. Thanks to the offers and discounts online, the process of purchasing an online two-wheeler policy is convenient and cost-effective.

Various other online services, like the bike insurance premium calculator, make the decision-making process of selecting optimal insurance coverage for a motorcycle easier.

6. Importance of Deciding on Convenient Insurance Services

Selecting insurance services that are conveniently available online makes the process of deciding on insurance or even claiming one when required so much easier. One can claim or renew the policy, or purchase add-ons at their convenience without restrictions on time or space. This is especially beneficial during emergencies when a policyholder might need to make claims urgently.


Securing the right insurance for two-wheelers can become more accessible by keeping a few essential things like the IDV and coverage needs in mind. Naturally, opting for a comprehensive plan with add-ons that cater to personal requirements is the sure-shot way of obtaining an all-around financial shield. However, since most insurance prices are subject to change, it is recommended to make decisions after gaining credible information about the same.

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