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Kennel Your Dog at a Guard Dog Training Facility

Marilyn and Paul wish to take a holiday for a couple weeks to catch up on old times with some good, but distant, friends. However, Marilyn has discovered that their dog, Admiral, a Rottweiler, cannot accompany them on their trip.

Choosing a Kennel

She says, “Paul, I don’t know what to do about Admiral. My parents cannot keep him at their place, as it’s too small. Plus, your mother is allergic to pet hair. Poor Admiral needs a place to stay, and he’s not all that social. Remember how he had a fit when Judy and her terrier, Blaze, visited us? I thought Admiral was going to pounce on that poor puppy. He was so jealous!”

The Ideal Place for a Dog

Paul looked up from what he was reading on his laptop. “Are you still worried about Admiral?” Paul smiled confidently, then said, “I just found out about dog kennels in Sydney where they can keep your dog while you take a holiday. They are located at a guard dog training facility. I think it is the ideal place to leave Admiral while we are away.”

A Special Doggie Spa

Marilyn’s eyes lighted up. “Did you hear that, Admiral? You can go to your own special doggie spa – a place where you will be pampered and watched.” Admiral shot a look a Marilyn, then glanced at Paul, before returning to gaze to Marilyn, its head tilting slightly to one side. He seemed like he was saying, “I just can’t wait to go on holiday, too.” Marilyn was happy that Paul had discovered the kennel, as it made her feel more confident about Admiral’s care.

24/7 Video Surveillance

Not only did the facility feature kennelling, it also offered dog grooming and obedience training. The centre featured 24/7 video surveillance, a large exercise area, and massive swimming lake. The place, in Marilyn’s estimation, could be likened to a resort, except this place was made for dogs.

Leaving on Holiday

The facility picked up Admiral for his new adventure the day Marilyn and Paul left on holiday. When they returned from their hiatus, they noted that Admiral seemed happier and healthier. All of them felt a lot better after they had rested and took time off from what was familiar.

Does Your Dog Need Obedience Training?

Would you like to house your dog at a kennel while you take a holiday? If so, you will find that a guard dog training facility may be the answer to your search. Dogs do not have to be guard dogs to be boarded or trained at the site. Therefore, you can arrange to have your dog obedience trained, too, when you go on holiday.

Kennel Your Pup and Schedule Grooming

This type of facility makes it easier for people to take care of several needs at once. Not only can you have your dog boarded in a modern and friendly place, you can schedule obedience training, if needed. You can also have your dog groomed while you are away.

Explore the Options Online Now

Learn more about your options today by going online and checking out the facility.

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